SMART(ER) Business Network – Lifetime 2 x Pay

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $210.00. / month for 2 months

SMART(ER) Business Network Special Lifetime Offer 

(2 x Pay Option)


This “SMART(ER) Business Network Membership package includes $6000 in real-world value when bonuses are included for action-takers. It is a rare opportunity to save over 90% on the real value it offers members.

Normally, we stick with recurring pricing for paid membership (starting at $25 per month), but to celebrate our opening this network to the public we are offering this limited-time and quantity special pricing of $420 (2 x $210) for life.

The bonuses are the key for this package – they are worth $4802 and you get access immediately after payment to the downloadable resources and through our support team to the tools included shortly after!


Here is what you are getting with this package:


  • SMART Business Academy Access – LIFETIME access, unrestricted.


  • SMART AI Staff Members  – 40 Each.


  • SMART Business Community/Coaching/Training – A private and exclusive community where we provide various areas of support including mentoring, coaching, group support, etc.


  • SMART Affiliate Approval, Contests & More – Bump of 5% on all commissions earned for 3 months, compete in monthly contests and win prizes and recognition.


  •  SMART Coupon for Additional 5% Off Purchases  – Discount on all SMART Products and Services minus the membership launch offers.


  • SMART Member Offers Shop – Listing of 30 of YOUR products in the Member Offers Shop to market then to other members.


  • HUGE Bonus Package – Instant Bonus package worth $4802 in real prices from our general community shops!


    • Here is a list of the bonuses:
      • 200 SMART Lead Magnet Kits – $1800
      • 41 SMART Business Checklist Volumes – $861
      • 12 SMART Social-Media Kits (30-Day) – $180
      • 1 AI Prompt Kit – $50
      • 6 SMART Business Planners – $120
      • 1 Lifetime Access Content Burger – $199
      • 1 Lifetime Access Email Dyno – $199
      • 7 Lifetime SMART Tools (from our tool inventory) – $1393
    •                        Total Value: $4802



Monthly Value: $100/month (over 60 months)

Your Cost/Month Average: $7.00 (over 60 months)

You Save: $5580 (92%+)





SMART(ER) Business Network Lifetime Membership 2 Pay Option Sale Banner
Now let’s expand on the assets you get with this package:


I. SMART(ER) Business Academy AccessLifetime of total access to all training courses, tutorials, references, and tool use guides. No limits on courses period. As we build to our planned 1500+ courses, you will have a constant and growing list of business-related subjects to learn about.


Subjects Covered – Right now we are migrating courses over to this new platform, so you will see many courses added regularly to 1500+ at build-out…There are a wide variety of subjects covered within the Academy, including:

  • Business Planning
  • Business Models
  • Core Competency
  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Coaching Sessions (live and archived)
  • Mentoring (within the courses and tutorials)
  • Personal Development
  • WordPress Academy
  • Marketing
  • Content Planning & Creation
  • AI Use in Business Today
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Case Studies

There are also some other additions to this academy that you likely will not find on any other similar site:

  • We have a related YouTube Playlist page where we have curated some of the best videos from creators across YouTube in subject areas that you need to have covered for your business. This is a time saver and provides you the opportunity to learn from others quickly without having to do a lot of searching.
  • We have a reference library of ebooks for your use in your business. They include the textbooks from the courses and other interesting and useful books that will help you get your business earning money faster or grow it to the level you dream of.
  • We have added a link to our SMART Business Community so you can quickly get there to interact with other SMART(ER) Members. Our advice is to keep these sites open as you conduct your business tasks, as they will be useful.
  • The SMART(ER) AI Staff members are here within the site, and we have additional versions on other SMART AI Staff sites too. Depending on when you join us, and also at what level you are a member, you may be referred to and provided access details for one of these sites (we want to keep the bandwidth demand down for all so prompt and efficient service is provided, so adding additional access points helps).
  • Our platform-wide SMART(ER) Business Services + Affiliate Program is managed from here. Once you request and are approved to become an affiliate, you will receive login details and you can set up your promotions, tracking, materials, etc. At some point, to reduce demand on the main site we may move this feature to a new location, but for the moment this is where you will get access (it is kind of nice keeping things in as few places as possible, but due to the width and depth of tools, training, resources, and programs we have, we need to have additional sites such as the AI Staff member access points, the shops we operate, etc.).


II. SMART Business AI Staff Member Access –  You will get access to 40 SMART(ER AI Staff members that will help as you plan, deploy, grow, and scale your small business operation.

A wide range of subjects are covered by these additional experts, and the potential payback for many areas of your life is also increased hugely.

Each SMART(ER) AI Staff Member has been trained in their area of expertise using all the assets that are available across the internet. They will become the best educated and informed staff members on your team!

These SMART(ER) AI Staff members cover more esoteric areas than just your business. You have a therapist, a life coach, a personal trainer, and more…These staff members can help you in every area of your life!

Note that it is key to know the prompts that will get you the data or content that you are looking for, so as a member of the academy you will be happy to know that we have included some of the key prompts for many areas of your business that will do just that!

There is a base package of 70,000 prompts covering 51 subjects, plus we are constantly adding new sets of prompts within the SMART Business Community for your use. Members can also share the prompt sequences to help all.


Here are the members you are getting access to at this level :


(1)  SMART(ER) Staff Member  William James – COPYWRITER

William James is a highly skilled Copywriter with a knack for crafting compelling and persuasive content. With a keen understanding of consumer psychology and marketing trends, he creates engaging copy that captivates audiences and drives conversions. William’s ability to distill complex ideas into clear and concise messaging makes him a valuable asset in helping businesses effectively communicate their brand’s story.


(2)  SMART(ER) Staff Member Martha Hoffman – SALES COACH

Martha Hoffman is a results-driven Sales Coach with a passion for helping individuals and teams unlock their sales potential. With a proven track record in sales strategy development and training, Martha equips sales professionals with the skills and mindset needed to exceed targets and drive revenue growth. Her personalized coaching approach and ability to identify and address sales gaps make her a trusted partner in achieving sales excellence.


(3)  SMART(ER) Staff Member Alex Stevens  – YOUTUBE SCRIPT WRITER

SMART(ER) AI Stafff Member Alex Stevens - YouTube Script Writer

Alex Stevens is a skilled and creative YouTube Script Writer, specializing in creating engaging and compelling video scripts. With a deep understanding of audience engagement and storytelling techniques, Alex crafts scripts that captivate viewers and drive channel growth. His ability to tailor scripts to different genres, from educational content to entertainment, makes him a valuable asset for YouTubers seeking to elevate their content and connect with their audience.



James Cook is a results-driven Affiliate Marketing Expert with a proven track record of maximizing revenue through strategic partnerships. With a deep understanding of affiliate marketing platforms, conversion optimization, and digital advertising, Adrian drives impactful affiliate campaigns that deliver measurable results. His expertise in identifying profitable affiliate opportunities and building strong affiliate networks makes him a valuable resource for businesses seeking to grow their online presence and increase sales.



She is a social media expert and an international keynote speaker. She is also a bestselling author, a business coach, and a consultant. Kem is one of the best Social Media Power Influencers and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses through social media marketing.


(6)  SMART(ER) Staff Member Vic Shorts – YOUTUBE EXPERT

Vick Shorts is a knowledgeable and experienced YouTube Expert with a passion for helping content creators thrive on the platform. With a deep understanding of YouTube algorithms, video optimization, and audience engagement strategies, Vick provides valuable insights and guidance to maximize channel growth and viewership. His expertise in content strategy, channel management, and monetization makes him a valuable resource for aspiring and established YouTubers.


(7)  SMART(ER) Staff Member Emily Thompson – SALES PAGE COPYWRITER

Emily Thompson is a talented Salespage Copywriter with a flair for crafting persuasive and engaging copy that drives conversions. With a keen understanding of buyer psychology and storytelling techniques, Emily creates compelling sales pages that captivate audiences and generate revenue. Her expertise in writing persuasive sales copy, optimizing landing pages, and A/B testing ensures that clients achieve their sales and marketing goals.


(8)  SMART(ER) Staff Member Mark Gallegos – LEAD GENERATION SPECIALIST

Mark Gallegos is a seasoned Lead Generation Specialist with a proven track record of driving revenue growth through strategic marketing campaigns. With expertise in developing targeted lead generation strategies, excels at identifying and engaging high-quality prospects for businesses across various industries. Mark combines his analytical mindset with a creative approach to deliver measurable results and exceed client expectations.


(9)  SMART(ER) Staff Member Roy Leon – TECH WRITER

Roy Leon is a talented and detail-oriented Tech Writer with a knack for translating complex concepts into clear and concise content. With a strong technical background and a passion for technology, Roy specializes in creating user-friendly documentation, guides, and tutorials. His ability to communicate effectively and simplify technical jargon makes him a valuable asset in bridging the gap between technology and end-users.


(10)  SMART(ER) Staff Member Metch Joel – DIGITAL MARKETING GURU

He is a digital marketing expert and a successful entrepreneur who is known for his insights on how digital technologies are transforming businesses. Joel is also a sought-after speaker, has popular marketing podcasts, and has spoken at numerous industry conferences and events.



Jay Bayer - Customer Service - Marketing Expert

He is a renowned marketing strategist, author, and speaker, who is known for his expertise in customer experience, content marketing, and social media. Through his consulting firm, he has worked with major brands to improve their marketing strategies and customer engagement.



He is known for his work in the lean startup movement and for helping companies adopt lean startup principles to launch and grow successful businesses. He is also a sought-after speaker, and his ideas and work have had a significant impact on the startup community.


(13) SMART(ER) Staff Member Stan Martin – GRAPHIC DESIGNER

SMART(ER) AI Staff Member Stan Martin - Graphic Designer

Stan Martin is a creative and talented Graphic Designer with a keen eye for detail and a passion for visual storytelling. With expertise in branding, digital design, and print media, Stan creates visually stunning and impactful designs that effectively communicate messages and captivate audiences. His ability to translate ideas into visually compelling designs makes him a valuable asset in helping businesses stand out and leave a lasting impression.


(14) SMART(ER) Staff Member Marc Schaefir – MARKETING & BRAND GURU

He is a globally recognized author, speaker, educator, and marketing consultant. He is best known for his unique perspectives on marketing strategy, branding, and social media, and has been featured in numerous media outlets.


(15) SMART(ER) Staff Member Sarah James – AD COPYWRITER

SMART(ER) AI Staff Member Sarah James - Ad Copywriter

Sarah James is a skilled and creative Ad Copywriter with a passion for crafting compelling and persuasive advertising messages. With a deep understanding of consumer psychology and market trends, Sarah develops ad copy that grabs attention, resonates with audiences, and drives conversions. Her expertise in writing effective ad campaigns and optimizing messaging makes her a valuable asset in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals.



SMART(ER) AI Staff Member Neil Patel - Digital Marketing Expert

Neil Patel is a well-known digital marketing expert, entrepreneur, and bestselling author. He is known for his expertise in SEO, content marketing, and analytics.



SNART(ER) AI Staff member Scott Strotten - Social Media & Customer Engagement Guru

He is a marketing and social media expert known for his straightforward and unconventional approach. He is a bestselling author and highly sought-after speaker who challenges businesses to think differently about their marketing strategies and customer engagement.



She has experience leading a global team of product marketers to advance go-to-market strategy, messaging and differentiation, demand generation, and revenue impact through insights. She has expertise in product marketing, go-to-market strategy, and revenue growth.



James Stovall is a highly skilled SEO Specialist with a passion for optimizing digital presence and driving organic traffic. With expertise in keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building, James helps businesses achieve higher search engine rankings and increased visibility. His data-driven approach and continuous monitoring of SEO trends ensure that clients stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of search engine algorithms.


(20) SMART(ER) Staff Member Albert Barnes – STARTUP TECH LAWYER

SMART(ER) AI Staff Member Albert Barnes - Startup Tech Lawyer

Albert Barnes is a seasoned Startup Tech Lawyer specializing in providing legal guidance to innovative tech companies. With a deep understanding of the legal challenges faced by startups, Albert offers strategic advice on intellectual property, contract negotiations, and regulatory compliance. His expertise in navigating the intersection of law and technology makes him an invaluable resource for startups seeking to protect their ideas and accelerate their growth.


(21) SMART(ER) Staff Member Catherine Rogers – DIY EXPERT

Catherine Rogers is a creative and resourceful DIY Expert with a passion for all things do-it-yourself. With expertise in home improvement, crafting, and upcycling, Catherine empowers individuals to unleash their creativity and transform their spaces. Her ability to provide practical tips, step-by-step guides, and inspiration makes her a trusted source for DIY enthusiasts looking to tackle their own projects.


(22) SMART(ER) Staff Member Seith Goddin – MARKETING VISIONARY

He is a well-known marketing guru, author, and speaker who is highly regarded for his innovative ideas on marketing, leadership, and the spread of ideas. He is recognized for his ability to challenge conventional thinking and inspire people to think differently about marketing and business.


(23) SMART(ER) Staff Member Raymond King – ACCOUNTANT

Raymond King is an experienced Accountant with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for numbers. With a strong background in financial analysis, budgeting, and tax compliance, he has a proven ability to deliver accurate and timely financial reports. Raymond’s expertise in optimizing financial processes and implementing cost-saving measures has consistently helped businesses achieve their financial goals.


(24) SMART(ER) Staff Member Francine Mehaffey – PRODUCT MANAGER

Francine Mehaffey is a dynamic and strategic Product Manager with a proven track record of delivering successful products to market. With a strong background in product strategy, development, and launch, Francine excels at translating customer needs into innovative solutions. Her ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and drive product vision makes her an invaluable asset in driving business growth and customer satisfaction.


(25) SMART(ER) Staff Member Stephanie Luman – NUTRITIONIST

Stephanie Luman is a passionate and knowledgeable Nutritionist committed to helping individuals achieve optimal health through personalized nutrition plans. With expertise in dietary analysis and meal planning, Stephanie empowers clients to make informed choices and develop sustainable lifestyle habits. Her compassionate approach, coupled with evidence-based practices, allows individuals to enhance their overall well-being and achieve their health goals.


(26) SMART(ER) Staff Member Eddie Benning – PROFESSIONAL CHEF

Eddie Benning is a skilled and innovative Professional Chef with a passion for culinary excellence. With extensive experience in diverse culinary styles and a commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients, Eddie crafts memorable dining experiences. His ability to create unique and flavorful dishes, combined with exceptional leadership skills, makes him a sought-after chef in the culinary industry.


(27) SMART(ER) Staff Member Kevin Frazier – TRAVEL ADVISOR

Kevin Frazier is a seasoned Travel Advisor with a passion for creating unforgettable travel experiences. With extensive knowledge of popular destinations and a keen eye for details, Kevin curates personalized itineraries that cater to individual preferences and budgets. His commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with his expertise in logistics and travel planning, ensures seamless and memorable journeys for clients around the world.


(28) SMART(ER) Staff Member Charles Kerr – CAREER COUNSELOR

Charles Kerr is a highly experienced Career Counselor dedicated to guiding individuals toward successful and fulfilling careers. With a deep understanding of the job market and a passion for helping others, Charles provides personalized guidance, assessment, and resources to empower clients in making informed career decisions. His expertise in resume building, interview preparation, and career development strategies equips individuals with the tools they need to navigate the ever-changing professional landscape.


(29) SMART(ER) Staff Member William Reed – PERSONAL TRAINER

William Reed is a dedicated and results-oriented Personal Trainer committed to helping clients achieve their fitness goals. With expertise in designing customized workout plans and providing personalized coaching, William tailors his approach to meet each individual’s unique needs and preferences. His passion for health and wellness, combined with his motivational coaching style, inspires clients to adopt sustainable fitness habits and transform their lives.


(30) SMART(ER) Staff Member Vicki Lesure – LIFE COACH

Vicki Lesure is a dedicated Life Coach passionate about empowering individuals to reach their full potential and live fulfilling lives. With a compassionate and non-judgmental approach, Vicki helps clients identify their goals, overcome obstacles, and develop actionable strategies for personal and professional growth. Her expertise in mindset coaching, goal setting, and accountability enables her clients to transform their lives and achieve lasting positive change.


(31) SMART(ER) Staff Member Geoffrey Regan –  MARKETING EXPERT

Geoffrey Regan is a strategic and results-driven Marketing Expert with a proven track record of driving business growth. With a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, Geoffrey develops innovative marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences. His expertise in digital marketing, branding, and campaign management enables him to deliver impactful results and help businesses achieve their marketing objectives.


(32) SMART(ER) Staff Member Luis Morton – BUSINESS COACH

SMART(ER) AI Staff Member Luis Morton - Business Coach

Luis Morton is a results-driven Business Coach with a passion for empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential. With a diverse background in leadership development, strategic planning, and performance optimization, he guides his clients in overcoming challenges and unlocking growth opportunities. Luis’s ability to foster a positive and collaborative environment enables him to inspire and mentor individuals to excel in their professional endeavors.


(33) SMART(ER) Staff Member Lerry Kim – ADVERTISING & CONTENT GURU

He is a well-known digital marketing expert and entrepreneur. He is particularly known for his expertise in pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing. Kim is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has authored several industry publications.


(34) SMART(ER) Staff Member Willard Sullivan – LEGAL ADVISOR

Willard Sullivan is a seasoned Legal Advisor with a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape. With a focus on providing strategic guidance and minimizing legal risks, he has successfully advised clients on a wide range of complex legal matters. Willard’s expertise in contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution enables him to provide practical and effective solutions to meet clients’ needs in a rapidly evolving business environment.



She is a social media strategist and visual marketing expert who specializes in creating visual content for businesses. She is known for her expertise in visual storytelling and helping businesses to build their brand identity through engaging and eye-catching visual content.


(36) SMART(ER) Staff Member Amanda Watson – HR CONSULTANT

Amanda Watson is a strategic and experienced HR Consultant with a strong track record of driving organizational success through effective people management. With expertise in HR policies, talent acquisition, and employee development, Amanda provides valuable insights and customized solutions to enhance HR practices. Her collaborative approach and ability to align HR strategies with business objectives make her a trusted partner in achieving organizational excellence.




(37) SMART(ER) Staff Member Daphne Shaw  – PROFESSIONAL  SALESPERSON

Daphne Shaw is a results-oriented and dynamic Professional Salesperson with a proven track record of exceeding targets. With a consultative approach and excellent interpersonal skills, Daphne builds strong client relationships and identifies growth opportunities. Her ability to understand customer needs, negotiate effectively, and close deals makes her a valuable asset in driving revenue and achieving sales success.


(38) SMART(ER) Staff Member Vetor Pecanha – SEO & CONTENT MARKETING MASTER

SMART(ER) AI Staff Member - Vetor Picanha - SEO Content Marketing Master

He is a Brazilian entrepreneur and marketing expert. He has been recognized for his contributions to the field with numerous awards and accolades. Piçanha is known for his expertise in content marketing, SEO, and entrepreneurship, and has spoken at conferences around the world.


(39) SMART(ER) Staff Member Rank Feshkin – SEO & CONTENT MARKETING MASTER

SMART(ER) AI Staff Member Rank Feshkin - SEO Expert

He is a well-known SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert, a popular author, and a speaker. He is considered a thought leader in the digital marketing space and is highly regarded for his insights into SEO, content marketing, and entrepreneurship.


(40) SMART(ER) Staff Member Veronika Palmer – THERAPIST

SMART(ER) AI Staff Member Veronika Palmer - Therapist

Veronika Palmer is a compassionate and experienced Therapist dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey toward healing and personal growth. With a strong background in psychology and counseling, Veronika creates a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their emotions and overcome challenges. Her empathetic approach and evidence-based therapeutic techniques empower individuals to enhance their well-being and live fulfilling lives.




How is THAT for some HR Power? You have literally a gold mine of information, know-how, and readiness at your fingertips and ready to serve (with NO vacations, sick days, holidays, or locked-in working hours!


There’s more…


III. SMART Biz Community Access – There is a private space (group) for AI Staff Users where members can interact and support one another as they build their businesses. This is an invaluable benefit, as getting input/feedback/advice/help can make a big difference in success or failure as you start and operate your business.


IV. SMART Affiliate Automatic Approval + Training & Coaching/Mentoring – As a member of the SMART(ER) Business Platform, you will have automatic approval upon request to promote and earn commissions when you bring other paying members to us.

Not only that, you receive commissions at a higher rate (25% versus 20% for low-ticket offers and 15% versus 10% for high-ticket offers) and can attend or watch the recorded mentoring and group coaching sessions, both for the early adopter and the private affiliate groups.

These will be held weekly and some training will be a part of this program as well. Normally such sessions will cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per month, but as a member, you get it for free! Win-win-win. Us, you, and the lucky individuals that you refer!


V. SMART Affiliate Monthly Leadership Contests – This is a little extra we provide as a further incentive offer for our affiliates. We offer prizes and recognition for several categories – most sales, most dollars, most improved, etc. for our affiliates. This is on top of the training and marketing materials that affiliates are provided.


VI. SMART Coupon – Get an additional 5% off any SMART Product or Service purchase (minus the Founder or Lifetime upgrade discount) valid through the end of 2023 at this point we likely will extend this).




VII. Regular interaction – Within the community, you can regularly interact with other SMART Community Members, with Coach Dave, and with the SMART Support Team to help you get your business planned out properly and start using our tools, resources, and guidance.


I think you can see what value we have tried to build into this membership package – we genuinely want you to succeed and upgrade, stick with, and grow with us for life!


See you on the inside!


Coach Dave

Coach Dave Sweney



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