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We are a combination of two LLC operations, with offices in Florida and Minnesota. Our reach is global and we consult & coach entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking into starting or growing their work-from-home or anywhere small businesses. .

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Hi, Everyone! The SMART(ER) Biz Academy is one piece of a set of sites and resources, tools, community and training for entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses.

Within this academy. we provide assorted training courses, tutorials, case studies, training, and advice/coaching.

The brand, products, & services have been developed with Soaring Eagle LLC, based in International Falls, Minnesota, and Soaring Eagle Business Services LLC, based in Tampa, Florida.

Individuals can plan, start, and grow their small businesses faster using the many resources that we have.

Our products and services include coaching, training, tools, & other biz essentials. all offered at rock-bottom prices.

We also publish valuable free content regularly over the year, here and on our sites, so do come back often!

Please subscribe, and have a look at some of our free courses after registration.

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Dave Sweney
Coach & Mentor MED(2), BS(1), AA(1), ABD, DD

Coach Dave Sweney

Meet Our Lead Instructors

We have guest instructors that provide voiceover audio to many of our courses, in addition to the main coach and instructor for the academy, Dave Sweney.

Jerry T

Jerry has a knack for making sometimes boring content interesting with his presentations. You will hear him in some of the video and audio lessons we have within the SMART(ER) Academy.

Daryl C.

Daryl has been teaching English as a second language for years and is well-versed in how to teach online. We are Blessed to have her with us in a number roles that she has within the platform..

James T.

As an online entrepreneur himself, James can relate to students and what they go through to get their businesses up and running. He will be a good mentor for our aspiring business owners.

Charles H.

Charles is another seasoned instructor who loves the business of teaching business to students and entrepreneurs.

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Coach Dave
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