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Recruiting Contest:
$4200 In Cash/Up To $26000 In Rewards

Enter today to get 7-Days Free Access To Our Premium Level SMART(ER) Bundle Membership Offer – Full Academy Access PLUS 12 Trained AI Staff Members – Share This Offer With Others & Win Cash Prizes and Rewards – The More You Share The More Chances You Have To Win!

Now – 30 Nov ’23…

7 Ways To Win…

No Cost…

You Can Help Others Get Everything They Need To

Become More Successful Business Owners/Operators PLUS Win/Earn 7 Ways With This Contest…

(1) Use The Free Access To Training & AI Staff Members Yourself! Jumpstart Your Business With The Power Of AI, SMART(ER) Training, and Support.

* Note that you will have access to all the training courses, the 12 AI Staff member’s pages, 1000 DFY prompts, the SMART Business Community, and so much more.

(2) Refer Others & When They Upgrade You Can Earn Commissions – Recurring & Lifetime, By The Way!

* Note that you must request and be approved for affiliate status to earn commissions. This will normally be automatic after we review your request. The 5% bump in commissions apply only when you are earning on a paid membership status., i.e. winners or reward earnings will not result in the 5% bump in commissions.

(3) & (4) When Referrals Upgrade To A Paid Plan You Also Compete for Cash Prizes – Most Referrals and Most Earnings Generated Contests

* Note that referrals must register for the 7-Day Free Trial to count for the referral cash contest and referrals must upgrade that 7-day free trial to a paid plan to count towards these contests and there is a minimum of 10 referrals and 10 paid upgrades from your referral list required to qualify for these contests.

(5) The More Referrals You Get The More Rewards You Earn – 5 Levels of Referral Rewards…Additional free access time and even upgraded levels of membership!

* Note that for the first 3 levels of upgrades to rewards require only that your referrals sign up for the contest, not that they sign up for the 7-day free trial. For the 20 and 40 referral level upgrades, to count they must sign up for the 7-day free trial.

(6) There will be 10 Contestants Selected Randomly At The End Of The Contest For An Annual Platinum Membership – $1000 Value!

* Note that once you have registered for the contest, you do not have to do anything further to be eligible for this drawing. Of course, there are a lot of other prizes and rewards, so we do hope that you will actively work to earn them toio!

(7) Upgrade Your Free Plan to a Paid Plan & Earn An Extra 5% In Commissions. This can be substantial additional income stream for you over time!

* Note that as you get more referrals that upgrade, it would be worth it to upgrade to a paid membership plan to earn the extra 5% commission bump. It will help you earn more (25% more) plus you can better compete for the monthly affiliate contests that we conduct!

Coach Dave Sweney

Dave Sweney…

Who Is Dave? He is a Coach & Mentor with 25+ years of serving in classrooms and in a variety of business ventures and settings globally …

Experience: Retired Sergeant Major, US Army (25 years), owner/developer/consultant for startups to major Corporations (20+ years) …

Education: AA, BA, MEd (1), MEd(2), ABD, DD, Adjunct Professor 10 years …

Bottom Line: This guy not only talks the talk, he walks the walk!


Dave Sweney

“Hi, I am Dave, good to meet you!

My job here is serving in leadership, management, coaching, and mentoring…This is often the case with young companies as we are…

I enjoy the challenge and love what I am doing.

This contest is intended to give everyone a chance to take our academy and AI Staff members for a spin while rewarding them for bringing others to also to try out the academy.

The contest has been designed to offer multiple ways to win – cash, additional free access time, and even upgraded access levels. Everyone can win, even if they only sign up and take no further action.

Of course, those who DO take action have the best chance of winning multiple times with cash, upgraded memberships, and recurring and lifetime commissions at a 5% bump rate!

Join us and refer others to make the most of this contest! This is a  contest we will run monthly until further notice. There are thousands in cash or rewards available for contestants!

Grab a share of that for yourself and start leveraging the power SMART(ER) Academy and AI Staff Bundle Memberships offer entrepreneurs! I am excited to see these contests kick-off! See you on the inside!” 

Coach Dave 



Prize/Reward Cash? Reward Details
Referral Reward No 3 Referrals – 1 Month Free Premium Membership Access (Value $100)
Referral Reward No 5 Referrals – 1 Additional Month Access Free To Premium Membership (Value $100)
Referral Reward No 10 Referrals – 1 Additional Month Access Free To Premium Membership (Value $100)
Referral Reward No 20 Referrals – 3 Additional Months Access & Upgrade To Premium Pro Membership (Value $375)
Referral Reward No 40 Referrals – 1 Year Access To Platinum Membership (Value $1000)
Most Referrals Contest Yes Top 5 Referrers – 1st Place: $1000, 2d Place: $500, 3rd Place – $300, 4th Place $200, 5th Place $100 (Total Prize Money for This Contest: $2100) – Minimum 10 Referrals Who Register for the 7-Day Free Trial Required to Qualify For This Portion of the overall contest
Most Income Generated Contest Yes Top 5 Revenues Generated – 1st Place: $1000, 2d Place $500, 3rd Place $300, 4th Place: 200, 5th Place $100 (Total Prize Money for This Contest: $2100) — Minimum 10 Referrals Who Upgrade Required to Qualify For This Contest
Drawing For 1-Year Access to SMART(ER) Academy Platinum Membership No 20 Winners (5 winners weekly) drawn randomly from all contest participants at the end of the contest period – each membership valued at $1000! (Total Value $20,000)


Frequently Asked Questions

No, just by registering you will be eligible for the drawing at the end of the contest for the 1 Year Free Access to our SMART(ER) Academy & AI Staff |Bundle Platinum Level Membership, with a value of $1000! BUT…You can earn rewards and cash prizes by actively seeking out others that would  be helped by having access to the academy and AI Staff. For 3 referrals, you get a free additional month access to the Pemium Level Membership at no cost, and an additional month for 5 referrals, an additional month for 10, and an additional 3 months (6 months total) plus an upgrade to the Premium Pro plan with 20 referrals. If you are REALLY gung-ho, with 40 referrals you will get 1 Year Access to the Platinum Membership worth $1000!   

There is a special shop product page for this to simply sign up at no cost for the 7-day free trial. After the 7 days, you will be sent to the shop page to select a plan that fits for you and you can select the right one (or not). Of course, there are other ways to get additional access at no cost, i.e. by referring other people to the contest and to the 7-days free trial, through winning one of the 10 1-year free access memberships that will be given away in a draw at the end of the contest. Note that you also get the 5% boost in commissions as a paid member, which is not the case as a free or trial member. That can be a significant increase in your commissions from referrals that upgrade to a paid plan using your referral link (you must apply for approval as an affiliate within the academy too).  

Yes, there are. First we have the page here you can send people to. After they read about it, they can sign up right here at the bottom of the page.We also will be doing some more graphics and videos for those that want to promote the contest on their social account pages or on their websites. 

The 7-day free trial provides access to the Premium Level Membership which includes 12 AI Staff members. These staff cover some of the most essential skills for business tasks needed by a business owner. Having more is nice but these 12 are adequate to start with. Note that with the referral rewards, at the 20 and 40 levels you will not only get more free months of access, you also will get upgraded membership plans too. The more referrals the better, and of course we are wanting everyone to also use the academy training, the community, and the AI Staff, and once they see what they have access to, we want them to purchase a membership and continue to benefit from the power that is available within the SMART(ER) Academy and memberships! 

We will not require that except for the 20 and 40 referral levels of rewards. The value of the additional months and the membership level upgrade mean that we want the rewards to be tied to actual participants in the 7-day free trial. But for the 3, the 5, and the 10 referral level rewards, we will not be checking to see if they signed up for the trial access.

We will be sending out emails and also announcing the winners of the cash prizes plus the winners of the 1-year Platinum Memberships here within the academy as well as on the social platforms and within our other shops sites. Everyone we can reach will know if you have won!

We will be adding in all the legal stuff in our legal pages that you can review using the home page menu – at the top of the Home Page,  click on “Legal” and read all the lawyer talk. Nothing out of the ordinary though, participation and entry are free. If you win cash money, we send you the money via PayPal or other arrangement. It is pretty simple. For the rewards, we will manually upgrade your access and membership as you qualify for them. If you have any issues with either the cash prizes, the rewards, or the drawing, drop us a line at support@soaring-eagle-llc.com or contact us in the SMART Business Community. 

Great question! After you have signed up for the contest, you will be sent a thank you email with information on a few other actions to take. You do not have to take any of the recommended actions, you are entered into at least the drawing for the 10 annual memberships that we will give away at the end of the contest. BUT, since you also can and should earn rewards by referring more people to the contest, it is likely that some who try the trial membership will want to purchase one of the paid memberships (great value for all the plans, so why wouldn’t they?). Once you have registered for the free 7-day trial, we would recommend that you request affiliate approval if you are not already approved. Once approved, you will get paid a 20% commission on a recurring and lifetime basis for referrals that upgrade to a paid plan.  If YOU upgrade, you will receive a 5% bump in commissions, from 20% to 25%. Over time, as more and more of your referrals upgrade, you will surely earn a lot more in commissions!

Another excellent question. To be fair to all participants in the second and any other contests that we sponsor, the numbers start at zero each month. The good thing is that everyone has an equal chance a second (and possibly more) time to get some of the $16,000+ in prizes and rewards! Note that all referrals from either contest that upgrade will continue to earn commissions for the referrer going forward with the lifetime and recurring commission program we have. There are also monthly contests that we operate within the affiliate program where you can win cash awards and recognition too. Lots of ways to win. We like that, and I am sure you do too! 


© 2023 – SMART(ER) Business Academy All Rights Reserved


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