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The SMART(ER) Business Academy provides many free courses and tutorials and many paid full courses.

There are a wide variety of subjects covered, including:

  • Business Planning
  • Business Models
  • Core Competency
  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Coaching Sessions (live and archived)
  • Mentoring (within the courses and tutorials)
  • Personal Development
  • WordPress Academy
  • Marketing
  • Content
  • AI Use in Business Today
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Case Studies

The SMART Team is constantly adding new courses and tutorials to the inventory and at the built-out stage there will be well over 500 courses covering the above subjects.

Truly a place where high value is provided for the subscription price. Add to this the tools, resources, special offers, and DFY and RTG (Done for You and Ready to Go) packages, and you can see why the SMART(ER) Brand is gaining a name that is reverberating throughout the industry.

Try us out at this free access level if you want to see for yourself. Then check out some of the other membership levels to leverage all the power that this academy offers you and your business!

With our free access level membership, you get access to all the tutorials, courses, and case studies that are free to view after registration.


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