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The SMART(ER) Membership Authority Course

Question for you: Do You want to start your own high-ticket business?

Discover The Steps On How To Start Your Very Own Recurring Membership Site And Get Paid Month After Month!

In This Course, You’ll Find Out How To Get Started With Your Own Membership Site, How To Structure it, What Type of Content To Provide, Pricing, And Much more!

What you’ll discover in this course:

– How to turn your site into a subscription site

– Plug-ins to build and manage your membership site

– How to make content that will make people want to subscribe

– How to promote your site

– How to price your subscription site

– How to add extra monetization to your offering

– How to create a subscription app

– How to create a subscription video

– The importance of building a community

– How to use quizzes and other forms of media

– What you can learn from the best membership sites

– The strategies and tools you can learn to succeed even beyond those

– And much, much more!

The SMART(ER) Membership Authority Course Has Video Lessons As Part Of This Course Too!

You Get Access To 10 HOT, Over-The-Shoulder, Step-By-Step Video Lessons!

Here are the included videos and subjects covered in each:

Video Lesson #1 – Introduction

Video Lesson #2 – What Is The Membership Business Model

Video Lesson #3 – Types of Membership Sites

Video Lesson #4 – Examples of Successful Membership Sites

Video Lesson #5 – How To Build Your Membership Site

Video Lesson #6 – Membership Plans, Structure, and Pricing

Video Lesson #7 – What To Offer In Your Membership

Video Lesson #8 – Increasing Value for Member Retention

Video Lesson #9 – How To Promote Your Membership Site

Video Lesson #10 – Advanced Concepts & Strategies for Membership Sites

Have Fun & Best Of Luck!


Coach Dave

Coach Dave Sweney

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