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The SMART(ER) Magnetic Affiliate Marketing Course

Discover How to Earn a Living Online Using the Power of REAL Affiliate Marketing!

Step-By-Step Method To Make Money Online Marketing The Best Products And Services Of Other People!

Go From An Affiliate Newbie To Rockstar In Less Time than You Imagined!

Introducing The Course

You’re taken by the hand & into the important facts you need to know about affiliate marketing. Discover the basic idea of how you make money from it, and how it could give a steady stream of income when done right.

How to Find the Right Affiliate Offer for You (Using 3 Primary Networks JVZoo, W+, & CB)

You can only be successful with affiliate marketing if you know how to choose the right offers to promote. In this module, you learn how to find the right offer for you, selecting from three different networks, all-powerful and free to join.

Magnetic List Building Strategies

The money is on the list. And that remains true with affiliate marketing. So, in this course, you learn about powerful list-building strategies that’d get you subscribers on a steady frequency. You’ll learn about the best kinds of subscribers to get, and where to get them. You get these, and more, inside the course.

Traffic Sources That Convert

If you want to make money online, you need eyeballs to your offer. And that is where traffic comes in. Magnetic Affiliate Marketing teaches you traffic sources that matter. Meaning, those that actually convert into sales. Because not all traffic sources are created equal. And I just want you to focus on the ones that’ll make you money.

And Many More Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Introducing Our Video Lessons for the SMART Magnetic Affiliate Marketing Course!

There are 10 video lessons. Here is what each covers:

Video Lesson #1 – How To Open Warrior + Plus Account

Video Lesson #2 – How To Get Approved Inside Warrior Plus

Video Lesson #3 – How To Open A JVZOO Account

Video Lesson #4 – How To Get Approved Inside JVZOO

Video Lesson #5 – Introduction To Money-Producing Machine

Video Lesson #6 – List Building Legacy The Pro Way

Video Lesson #7 – Introduction To Secret Traffic Source Part 1

Video Lesson #8 – Introduction To Secret Traffic Source Part 2

Video Lesson #9 – The Perfect Promotion Method

Video Lesson #10 – How To Send A Broadcast

Have Fun!


Coach Dave 

Coach Dave Sweney

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