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The SMART(ER) Continuity Mastery Video Course

How To Generate Everlasting Income Online Using Mind-Blowing Simple Methods That Require Little Effort & Investment?

These Are The SAME Tactics Used By An Elite Few To Bring In A Storm Of Massive Continuity Income!

Introducing…Our The SMART Continuity Mastery Course.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this step-by-step video series:

– What Continuity Mastery 2.0 is all about and how it can change your life forever.

– The deceptively simple method that nobody wants you to know to build passive residual online wealth.

– The ‘low-priced’ continuity model that many internet marketers miss out on and why you need to implement this today.

– One trick that you can use to create content easily without spending a fortune.

– How to market your continuity program and generate massively paid subscribers in a short lapse of time.

– The no-brainer way for building a subscription-based newsletter where people will keep paying over and over again.

– A simple mind-blowing technique used by marketers that will pull in a super high conversion on your sales page. Sometimes above 20%.

– How to handle customers properly so you can boost your retention rate over time.

– And so much more …

The Video Lessons In This Course Cover The Following Subjects:

Video Lesson #1 – The Simple Continuity Model

Video Lesson #2 – Pick Your Niche Market

Video Lesson #3 – Sourcing Your Content

Video Lesson #4 – WordPress As Your Platform

Video Lesson #5 – The Plugins You Need

Video Lesson #6 – The Payment Processor

Video Lesson #7 – Autoresponder Overview

Video Lesson #8 – The Sales Page Builder

Video Lesson #9 – Copywriting Template

Video Lesson #10 – Traffic Sources

Video Lesson #11 – Membership Setup Pt.1

Video Lesson #12 – Membership Setup Pt.2

Video Lesson #13 – JVZoo Setup Pt.1

Video Lesson #14 – JVZoo Setup Pt.2

Video Lesson #15 – Autoresponder Setup

Video Lesson #16 – The Sales Letter

Video Lesson #17 – Sales Video Creation

Video Lesson #18 – Organizing Your Content

Video Lesson #19 – Customer Flow Setup

Video Lesson #20 – Maintenance Support

Video Lesson #21 – What’s Next

Have Fun!


Coach Dave 

Coach Dave Sweney

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